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About Center

National Personal Data Protection Center of the Republic of Belarus is an independent public authority responsible for supervisory the application of the Personal Data Protection Act 2021 to protect the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

The main tasks of the National Personal Data Protection Center are:

  • taking actions to protect the rights of data subjects when processing their personal data;
  • organization of training on personal data protection issues.

The National Personal Data Protection Center, in accordance with the main tasks, performs the following functions:

  • monitors the processing of personal data by controllers and processors;
  • handle complaints lodged by a data subject on personal data protection issues;
  • determines the list of foreign states on whose territory an appropriate level of protection of the data subjects’ rights is ensured;
  • issues permit for transborder flows of personal data if an appropriate level of protection of the data subjects’ rights is not provided on the territory of a foreign state, and also determines the procedure for issuing such permits;
  • makes proposals on improving the personal data legislation, and participates in the preparation of such proposals;
  • gives clarifications on the application of personal data legislation, conducts other explanatory work on personal data legislation;
  • determines the cases when it is not required to notify the National Personal Data Protection Center about a personal data breach;
  • establishes the classification of information systems containing personal data to determine the requirements for technical and cryptographic protection of personal data;
  • participates in the international organizations’ activities on the personal data protection issues;
  • cooperate with data subjects’ rights supervisory authorities in foreign countries;
  • annually no later than March 15 publishes a report outlining its activities in the media;
  • conducting training under the educational legislation;
  • exercises other powers provided by the personal data legislation.

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Эмблема-сокращенное наименование